Creative Placemaking Book

Public Arts Opportunities in Liberty Township

A creative placemaking book with app option

You can purchase the book in PDF or softcover format by clicking here!

I made this book for my Intermediate Graphic Design class at Youngstown State University in the Fall semester of 2018. The assignment was to choose a nearby locality and take pictures of sites within that locality to make a book detailing areas where public art could be installed. We were also required to make a minimum of three mockups to use within the book. I chose Liberty Township, which is where I live.

I also created an accompanying app for this project for an assignment in my Introduction to Interactive Design class, which was featured in the Youngstown Business Journal.

I even made a virtual tour of the locations listed in the project! Check it out here!

The book and accompanying app were presented at a Liberty Township Council meeting in December of 2018 by myself and my instructor, RJ Thompson of Plus Public LLC. After that meeting, we were offered the exciting opportunity to lead a full rebranding campaign for Liberty Township. The official page for the project can be found here.

This is the video of the ebook on iTunes.
This is a video previewing the hardcover book.
This is the video of the mobile phone app.