Creative Placemaking Book

Public Arts Opportunities in Liberty Township

A creative placemaking book

You can purchase the book in PDF or softcover format by clicking here!

I made this book for my Intermediate Graphic Design class at Youngstown State University. The assignment was to choose a nearby locality and take pictures of sites within that locality to make a book detailing areas where public art could be installed. We were also required to make a minimum of three mockups to use within the book. I chose Liberty Township, which is where I live. The book will be presented at a Liberty Township Council meeting sometime in the coming months. I also created an accompanying app for this project, which was featured in the Youngstown Business Journal. I also made a virtual tour of the locations listed in the project, which can be found here.

This book and the accompanying app were presented at the Liberty Township Administrative Building in December of 2018. That meeting sparked a wonderful opportunity for me and my professor, RJ Thompson, to lead a rebranding campaign for Liberty Township. The official page for the project can be found here.

This is the video of the ebook on iTunes.

This is the video of the mobile phone app.